Barnardsville NC


Barnardsville NC, 28709
Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, just a few minutes from Asheville.

Big Ivy is the name for a mountain community and one of the jewels of Pisgah National Forest. The Big Ivy portion of Pisgah National Forest in in the Craggy Mountains, a sub-ridge of the Black Mountains – the highest mountain range east of the Mississippi River. Big Ivy has 13,968 acres of Forest Service Land – just 1.3% of the National Forest in Western North Carolina. Yet this 1% of public land contains the third highest density of rare species on the Nantahala-Pisgah, over 3,000 acres of old-growth forest, and is just a short drive from the city of Asheville.

Big Ivy is undeniably one of the special parts of Western North Carolina, a Blue Ridge Mountain classic with big trees, big mountains, and waterfalls. Big Ivy forms the headwaters of the Ivy River, an important tributary of the French Broad and the water source for the town of Weaverville. Big Ivy has diverse and rare wildlife habitat for common and uncommon species, and is a favorite area for local hunters, anglers, hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers, climbers, and naturalists. Unlike much of our National Forests that suffer from clearcutting and the abuses of the past, Big Ivy has some of the healthiest forest on the Pisgah and has been identified by The Nature Conservancy as one of the most important Core Forests in Southern Blue Ridge.

The public land of Big Ivy is a legacy passed down from our fore-fathers and one that we want to pass on to our children’s children.

List of Special Areas (south to north):
Snowball Mountain , Hawbill Rock, Little Snowball, Mineral Creek ,Big Fork Ridge, Spruce Pinnacle Hemlock Bluff, Carter Creek, Waterfall Creek, Douglass Falls, Peach Orchard Branch, Craggy Gardens, Craggy Pinnacle, Craggy Dome, Bullhead, Staire Branch, Walker Cove, Walker Creek, Walker Falls, Walker Knob, Snakeden Rock, Big Andy Ridge, Little Andy Creek, Corner Rock Creek, Sugar House Cove, Glassmine Ridge, Point Misery, Brushfence Ridge, Little Butt, Big Butt, Flat Springs Knob, Cedar Cliff Knob, Sheepwallow Knob, Pigpen Knob, High Knob, Straight Creek, North Fork of Ivy Creek, Ivy Knob, Coxcombe Mountain

List of Trails: Snowball, Mountains-to-Sea, Douglas Falls, Laurel Gap, Big Andy, Little Andy, Walker Creek, Staire Branch, Big Butt