Biltmore Forest NC

Biltmore Forest
Biltmore Forest is a planned residential community with a rich cultural history. The Town was planned by the best professional planners of their day. Mr. C.D. Beadle who had been associated with the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted of Boston, planned the protection, preservation, and perfection of the natural beauty of the area that is now known as Biltmore Forest. Mr. Frederick Law Olmsted, the Father of Landscape Architecture, planned his landscape to preserve the beauty of the natural environment and attempted to create a rural atmosphere although his designs were often located in cities. He was involved in the design of New York’s Central Park, the U.S. Capitol grounds in Washington, and the grounds of the Biltmore Estate.

Since Mr. Beadle had been associated with Mr. Olmsted, it is fair to say that the layout of Biltmore Forest and subsequent development is also a living example of more famous pioneering efforts in landscape architecture. Those ideas of 1920 are committed to paper in plans of the Town that existed in 1924 that have been followed and are still being followed today.

The Town of Biltmore Forest was incorporated in 1923, and was determined eligible for Determination as a Historic District by the U.S. Department of Interior in March 1990. The idea of preserving and enhancing nature is at the core of the beauty of Biltmore Forest and helps guide the ordinance makers, administrators, developers, and residents of the Town. It is for this reason that ordinances guide the removal of trees, that structures and buildings are forbidden in front yards, and why fences have always been discouraged, to name a few of the rules that have made our Town unlike any elsewhere.